Three At-Home Ways To Reduce Your Headache Pain Between Chiropractic Sessions

If you suffer from headaches, you aren't suffering alone. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of adults contend with headaches on occasion. Booking a consultation with a chiropractor in your city is a logical place to start when you've had enough of your discomfort and are seeking relief. A chiropractor will be able to determine the root cause of your headache and provide a series of adjustments than can provide relief. You can join in the fight by adopting some lifestyle changes to complement the professional care you're receiving. Here are three ways you can lower your discomfort in between your chiropractic adjustments.

Change How You Sleep

The manner in which you sleep can either worsen your headache pain or reduce it. Think about your preferred sleeping position and make changes to how you lie in bed. If you sleep on your side, for example, it's easy to shift into a position in which your neck sits at an unnatural angle and causes you pain by the morning. Try sleeping on your back with a pillow that properly supports your neck's natural position. If you feel that you won't be able to sleep without moving onto your side, placing a pillow between your bent knees can prevent the top knee from falling forward and pulling your body into an awkward position.

Consider Your Diet

Crafting a healthy diet is about more than just trying to lose weight. The foods and drinks you consume can play a role in your headache pain. A wide range of common products can contribute to headaches. These foods include processed meats and pickled products. Caffeinated products such as coffee, tea and chocolate can also lead to headaches. Starting an elimination diet is an effective way to determine which foods don't agree with you. Consume a simple diet of lean proteins such as poultry or fish and vegetables, and then gradually add other foods and see if you have a reaction.

Increase Your Exercise

Regular exercise contributes positively to your body in a variety of ways, including helping to reduce your headaches. The increased circulation you experience during exercise helps your body heal, while exercise also releases endorphin hormones that can create a sense of emotional well-being and reduce your discomfort. Find an exercise that works for you and that doesn't have an impact that worsens your pain. Swimming, cycling and walking are effective low-impact cardio activities worth considering.

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