The Rolfing Massage Technique: A Brief Overview

Rolfing is a massaging technique that gives you an increased sense of personal well-being by relieving stress points in your connective tissue caused by the action of gravity on your body over time. A trained and certified chiropractor in the Rolfing massaging technique can tell which parts of your body are experiencing extra stress by how you walk, stand, and sit. Here is a brief overview of how the Rolfing massaging technique is performed by a chiropractor to help you feel better by relieving built-up stress in your body.

Determining Stress Points

The chiropractor will observe your body to determine where the areas of stress are in your body that are interfering with your connective tissue. Connective tissue connects bones to muscles, tendons, and ligaments in every part of your body. Drooping shoulders, uneven hips, and hunching backs put a lot of stress on the connective tissue and can cause a lot of pain throughout your body. The chiropractor will determine the exact locations of the stress before they begin their massage to relieve the tension in those areas.

Rolfing Massage

The chiropractor will normally have you lie down on a cushioned table for your comfort. A Rolfing massage session can easily last for an hour or more and the cushioned table will help reduce the discomfort of laying on a flat surface for that long.

In a full body massage, the chiropractor typically begins along the plantar fascia tissue on the bottom of your feet. The chiropractor will push down on the bottom of your foot with their knuckles and slide their knuckles down from the top of the foot to the heel. The procedure will be repeated until they can feel the tension subside and they are able to move the tissue in your foot with their knuckles and fingers. The chiropractor will then separate the tissue in the foot and massage each strand of muscle and connective material until your foot is completely relaxed.

The chiropractor will move along the connective tissue band that connects the parts of the foot to the ankle and leg. They will keep on performing a deep penetrating message along the tissue until they can feel the connective tissue around the ankle and legs loosen up and they can again massage the strains of muscles in your ankle and legs.

The chiropractor will eventually move up through your body to your head and neck. The massage technique will change from using their knuckles to using the palm of the hands to massage large muscles like your thighs, abdomen, and back muscles and connective tissues. As your body relaxes, it will become realigned into a proper posture that reduces the stress on your system of connective tissue. This will reduce the pain and discomfort you normally feel and make you feel better both physically and mentally. Contact a company like The Healing Center for more information about Rolfing.