Lingering Whiplash Symptoms? It's Time To Try A Different Treatment Approach

Did you develop whiplash several weeks or months ago and then follow your doctor's orders for treatment – only to have those symptoms still linger today? The soreness and stiffness of whiplash can really get in the way of your daily life and happiness, so it's important to take action to address those lingering symptoms. And in most cases, the best way to approach this is to put down the pain pills and head to your chiropractor's office instead. Here's why.

Why are your whiplash symptoms lingering in spite of treatment?

When you experience whiplash, you strain the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your neck. Over time, the tightening of these tissues can pull the vertebrae in your neck out of alignment. Once they're misaligned, the vertebrae perpetuate pain because they put pressure and strain on the soft tissues in your neck.

Conventional treatments like taking pain relievers and massaging your neck may address the original pain and soreness of the whiplash, but they won't move your vertebrae back into place. Thus, the strain on your neck muscles will remain, and you'll stay uncomfortable. Luckily, chiropractic treatment is different – it can address the underlying problem: your misaligned vertebrae.

How does chiropractic treatment address lingering whiplash symptoms?

Your chiropractor will adjust the cervical vertebrae in your neck to ensure they are properly aligned. Once they are back in place, the pressure on your soft tissues will be relieved, and these tissues will be able to heal. Your pain will likely be greatly diminished immediately after your first chiropractic adjustment, but it might take a week or two for the muscles to heal and for the pain to be gone completely. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, your chiropractor may need to adjust your spine a few times to keep it in place and allow for maximum healing.

Chiropractic care also has the advantage of being safe and natural. Unlike pain relievers, which can cause side effects like liver and stomach damage, the only real side effect of chiropractic care might be a little stiffness the next day – and this only happens to a small fraction of patients.

If you're not sure whether chiropractic care is the right treatment for your lingering whiplash symptoms, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor in your area, such as Gerleman Chiropractic Office. He or she can discuss the treatment protocol in more detail so you can make an informed decision about your health.