Try One Of These Massage Variations During Your Next Appointment

If you've been visiting your local massage therapist for a while, you've likely experienced Swedish massage -- the most prevalent form of massage offered by therapists. While Swedish massage has a wide range of benefits for helping decrease your pain and increase your relaxation, it can be enjoyable to try out some of the other forms of massage that might be offered at your clinic. While these other types will also relax your muscles and help you feel better, the manner in which they're administered is slightly different and trying them out might result in you finding a new favorite type of therapy. Here are some ideas to consider.

Thai Massage

Thai massage typically takes place on pads placed on the floor of the treatment room, rather than on a table as is the case with Swedish massage. You remain fully clothed during Thai massage and relax as your therapist uses his or her arms and feet to treat your muscles and gently push your body into different positions. Visually, the positions you'll find yourself in during Thai massage can seem somewhat similar to yoga, except your body is fully relaxed instead of straining to achieve the different poses. Thai massage's benefits can include increased muscle flexibility, improved circulation of blood and a reduction in stress, among others.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage can be a welcome addition during the chilly months of winter. Smooth stones are heated and kept warm during the treatment, and then used to apply warm pressure to sore areas throughout your body. In addition to massaging your muscles with the help of the stones, your therapist will also gently place warm stones in specific areas to help you relax. For example, small stones can be slid between your fingers and then your hands will be wrapped with a warm towel to allow the hand muscles to truly relax.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage focuses on specific pressure points throughout your body to help relieve tension and make you feel better. The therapist will make use of the points of his or her fingers and gently press your body in a number of areas -- in a sense, Shiatsu massage is a bit like acupuncture, but doesn't involve the use of needles. There are many pressure points throughout your body, and a full-body Shiatsu massage will leave you experiencing a pleasant sensation of relaxation and rejuvenation. Contact a business, such as Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic, for more information.